Summer Volleyball



14-week session

Starts Tuesday May 31st

Ends Friday September 3rd

*No games Memorial Weekend and Fourth of July (Sunday and Monday)

Cost $260 (Tuesday to Friday) $225 (Sunday and Monday)– 6-person co-ed team

Sunday 530 rec and comp / 630 rec and comp / 730 rec and comp

Monday 630 rec and comp / 730 rec and comp / 830 rec and comp

Tuesday 630 rec and comp / 730 rec and comp / 830 rec and comp

Wednesday 630 rec and comp / 730 comp / 830 rec and comp

Thursday 630 rec and comp / 730 comp / 830 rec and comp

Friday 630 rec / 730 rec / 830 rec


  • Schedules will be posted outside for the first week. We have a lot of teams that sign up last minute. Every time a team signs up, the season schedule changes. The last team to sign up for a league will pull any BYE game. We will work to eliminate all BYE games.
  • Schedules will be online after the first week for the entire session. 
  • Waivers are filled out online during registration. Copies are also available at the bar.
  • Volleyballs are provided for play at the patio bar. If you bring your own, you are responsible for them.
  • Scores will be posted online after the first week is complete. Scores for the week will be posted on Monday at the latest. Teams are responsible to turn in scores each night.
  • Sessions will end with either a 2-week tournament OR King of the Hill (best record). This will depend on length of session and number of teams in each time slot. Ideally, spring and fall will end with best record. Summer and Winter Indoor will have 2-week tournaments.
  • We are committed to playing every night games are schedules. In the event of inclement weather (lightning, severe rain or extreme cold), we will cancel volleyball via email by 4pm. We will play in the rain and if its chilly out. If there is a chance of inclement weather, we will monitor and make decisions in the interest of safety for players. In some cases, we will delay. Others, we will cancel. Teams can reach out to makeup missed games based on court availability (usually before or after league play).
  • Please make sure to log into the EZ facility page and add all your teammates emails. This will notify everyone about changes. Otherwise, only the person who registered the team online will get the emails.
  • No outside food or drinks are allowed. Any violation of outside liquor, you will be removed from the league without refund. There will be no warnings.