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Indoor Volleyball Standings and Schedule

Registration is now open for our Sessions 2 Indoor Leagues! Register today for our Friday at 6:30, 7:30, or 8:30 sessions.

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All Teams must sign a waiver before they start play.  Teams who fail to turn the waiver in before play has started will result in a 3 set loss.  Scores must by reported at the end of the game each week.  If score is not recorded the team will take a 3 set loss- no late scores will be accepted.  If you are unsure if the score was recorded, please check the standings below. 

Indoor Volleyball Schedule

Schedule is subject to change, please check each week.  Any sign-ups, drop outs, or changes  after the start date will be reflected in the schedule below.  Any questions regarding the schedule or to register, contact us.

February 3rd

6:30pm3 WestBalls DeepThe New Michelle
6:30pm3 EastSpike It or NotSuper Great
6:30pm2 WestThe Dirty CreeksBundy's New Ballsack
7:30pm3 WestPractice Safe SetsBinary Ballers
7:30pm3 EastShhhhhh Hit FacedMeetup
7:30pm2 WestMudd DawgsJ Stars
8:30pm3 WestHow I Set Your MotherSuper Sets
8:30pm3 EastBinary BallersThe Roll Shot
8:30pm2 WestPractice Safe SetsLaAlan Benne
8:30pm2 WestBundy's New Ballsack Spike Punch

February 10th

6:30pm3 WestMeetupBundy's New Ballsack
6:30pm3 EastBalls DeepMudd Dawgs
6:30pm2 WestThe New Michelle Spike It or Not
7:30pm3 WestJ StarsShhhhh Hit Faced
7:30pm3 EastPractice Safe SetsDirty Creeks
7:30pm2 WestSuper GreatBinary Ballers
8:30pm3 WestSpiked PunchThe Roll Shot
8:30pm3 EastBundy's New BallsackPractice Safe Sets
8:30pm2 WestBinary BallersSuper Sets
8:30pm2 EastLeAlan BenneHow I Set Your Mother
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